CloudFit establishes and manages your cloud enclave (secure cloud datacenter). CloudFit moves and manages your workloads/applications in the cloud. If an application needs to be written or re-written, CloudFit will write it.

Factory-style lift-and-shift, re-factors and re-writes to move and manage applications to hardened, accredited, managed Azure enclaves. We bring DoD-level security to DoD and to commercial customers including for CMMC compliance requirements.

CMMC Secure Diagram Image


CloudFit writes software for numerous customers across all industries and verticals including for Microsoft’s Product Groups. If your business needs an application written (or re-written), CloudFit will do it.


No matter the application, CloudFit will manage it. Whether it is Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software or customer software that was compiled by developers that are long since retired, CloudFit can and will manage it. Levels of service include LiveSite management, Code Fixes and Workload Administration.


CloudFit will set up your cloud enclave (virtual cloud datacenter) to meet your compliance requirements, and CloudFit will manage it and keep it compliant. If you already have a cloud enclave, CloudFit will update it as required for your compliance needs, and CloudFit will manage it and keep it compliant.