Who is CloudFit?

We are a DoD company that also intentionally delivers to commercial customers. Commercial customers, including Microsoft’s Product Groups, push us to be cutting edge and efficient; that’s attractive to DoD. DoD pushes us to be the absolute best at Cybersecurity and Policy; that’s attractive to commercial.

CloudFit Software’s mission is to run every mission-critical workload which includes deciding what to move to the cloud, deciding when to move it, doing the work to move it securely including code re-factoring and then operating it securely once in the cloud. CloudFit provides these services to customers in the United States Department of Defense and other government entities as well as commercial entities ranging from Fortune 100 companies in every vertical down to small, 10-user companies. CloudFit has won Microsoft’s Partner Award for Government/Defense & Intelligence two of the past three years. CloudFit is recognized on the Inc 5000 and Vet 100 lists.

CloudFit exists to support two charities: KidFit (providing hope and opportunity for kids using sports as the enabler) and JobFit (providing hope and opportunity for adults and young adults through IT training and Internships).

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CloudFit Headquarters Building

Company Values S.E.R.V.E. Image

Our S.E.R.V.E. Core Values

  • Servant Leadership— We are here to serve our customers. We are not here to sell. If we can provide value, we will. If we cannot, we will recommend another partner.
  • Extreme Accountability— We do what we say we will do—no matter what.
  • Results Driven— The only thing that matters to your business is the outcome, so the only thing that matters to us is the outcome. We often say “we do not sell software, we sell outcomes.”
  • Velocity— If business outcomes are the only things that matter, then the speed of achieving those outcomes is a critical focus for every customer. CloudFit Software is so focused on helping our customers achieve velocity, our software platform has the internal codename “Velocity”; it is publicly known as “CloudFit Software” or “CFS”.
  • Empowerment— Our entire existence is about enabling our customers. We are happy to do it all for them, we are happy to just plug gaps for them, and we are happy to just teach/consult/coach them on how to do it themselves. We meet our customers where they are in order to empower them to be successful.

If you'd like to learn more about CloudFit's Values check out this blog post: CloudFit Values


Our Culture

  1. Hire good people— We want people who are focused on “we” not “me”. We want people who care about other people.
  2. Lead by example— Human beings have great discernment and most people can easily spot a fake. Therefore, every leader has to live the values. (by the way, everybody is a leader, but that’s a different topic)
  3. Earning trust- We have to be consistent in our messaging and behaviors internally, and we have to be consistent in our messaging and behaviors externally. If we quote a price, that is the price.
  4. Do the Right Thing- At the end of the day, “doing the right thing” has to be the most important thing. We have to reward the right behaviors. We have to swiftly discuss the wrong behaviors.
  5. Loving like family- In families, there is trust. In families, there is responsibility and accountability to one another and to the family. In families, all of those characteristics mean that people are “real” with one another.

If you'd like to learn more about CloudFit Culture check out this blog post: CloudFit Culture

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Our Leaders

Joe Martin Profile Image

Joe Martin


Kyle Wagner Profile Imagen

Kyle Wagner


Carroll Moon Profile Image

Carroll Moon


Ian Hunt Profile Image

Ian Hunt


Chris Carlson Profile Image

Chris Carlson

Chief Service Architect

Roxanne Matthew Profile Image

Roxy Matthew

VP of Program Engineering

Mark Miller Profile Image

Mark Miller

VP of Service Engineering

Alan Perkins Profile Image

Alan Perkins

VP of Application Engineering

Matt Loflin Profile Image

Matt Loflin

VP of Managed Engineering

Paul O'Hara Profile Image

Paul O'Hara

Chief of Staff

Ally Wharton Profile Image

Ally Wharton

Senior Director of HR

Rodney Phillips Profile Image

Rodney Phillips

VP of Sales

Michael Herndon Profile Image

Michael Herndon

Chief Transformation Architect

Michael Herndon Profile Image

Bryan Phillips

Chief Solutions Architect

Jeremy Sublett Profile Image

Jeremy Sublett

Chief Software Architect


Key Themes

Our approach to CMMC image

Our approach to CMMC

  • JULY 12, 2022
  • Carroll Moon

By this point, if you are a Federal Supplier that is impacted by the mandates, you are well aware. We do not need to explain the mandates to you...

Our approach to CMMC Webinar Image

Our approach to CMMC (Webinar)

  • JULY 12, 2022
  • Carroll Moon

We want to be accountable for your mission critical applications/workloads (and the infrastructure that underpins them). We do not want to make...



What We Do

Managed User Experience Image

Managed User Experience (Office 365 and User Endpoints)

Office 365 workloads and user devices (physical, mobile, virtual) play a major part in every compliance story. We help you decide, harden, migrate and manage everything that you need us to manage to achieve the desired business and compliance outcome.

Services we provide

Managed Cybersecurity Image

Managed Cybersecurity

CloudFit brings DoD-level tooling, intellectual property and processes to your enterprise! Managed cybersecurity with options including cybersecurity monitoring as a service, 24x7 cybersecurity incident management, 24x7 cybersecurity command and control, 24x7 Security Operations Center, Pentesting, Patch and Update Management and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Services we provide

Managed Application Image

Managed Application & Enclaves

Factory-style lift-and-shift, re-factors and re-writes to move and manage applications to hardened, accredited, managed Azure enclaves. We bring DoD-level security to DoD and to commercial customers including for CMMC compliance requirements.

Services we provide

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The Carter Glass Building is the CloudFit headquarters located at 863 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504

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300 Lucado Place, Lynchburg, VA 24504

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Our headquarters building (Carter Glass) and our secondary office (LRBA)

CloudFit has employees at our Carter Glass Headquarters and our Lynchburg Regional Business (LRBA) secondary office in Lynchburg, VA. CloudFit also has remote employees across 30 states. We hire the right talent wherever it lives, and we are strategically located to best serve our customers.

Contact Us


434-548-0015       getfit@cloudfitsoftware.com

863 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504