Managed User Experience (Office 365 and User Endpoints)

You use the services. CloudFit secures and manages the compliant services.

Office 365 workloads and user devices (physical, mobile, virtual) play a major part in every compliance story. We help you decide, harden, migrate and manage everything that you need us to manage to achieve the desired business and compliance outcome.



Optional Services to have CloudFit actually administer Microsoft 365 Workloads. e.g. if you need CloudFit to act as your SharePoint content administrator.


Optional Services to have CloudFit manage user devices ranging from desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet to cloud-based virtual desktops. You manage the hardware replacements, CloudFit manages everything above the hardware including OS, Applications, patching, etc.


CloudFit establishes, hardens, manages and monitors your Office 365 (or GCC, GCC-High or GCC-DOD) tenant(s) along with realtime availability, performance and compliance dashboards so that you have no security fears nor audit worries.