CloudFit manages a subset or manages everything cybersecurity for in-scope workloads whether on-premise or in the cloud

CloudFit brings DoD-level tooling, intellectual property and processes to your enterprise! Managed cybersecurity with options including cybersecurity monitoring as a service, 24x7 cybersecurity incident management, 24x7 cybersecurity command and control, 24x7 Security Operations Center, Pentesting, Patch and Update Management and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Hunting & Social Engineering

CloudFit takes accountability for cybersecurity hunting and user programs including social engineering.

Event Triage & Management

24x7 logging and cybersecurity monitoring, event triage and management.

Compliance Monitoring

Realtime compliance dashboards that give you (and auditors) confidence that your data and workloads are compliant with all in-scope regulations. Optional services for CloudFit to keep your enclaves and workloads secure and current are available.