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CloudFit Vision, Mission & Core Values

We still get asked about our unique value proposition.  We have been delighted to participate in online interviews, podcasts, and magazine articles.  We are thankful for the awards that we have won.  And, we are very thankful that other, scale cloud providers and managed services providers call us to formalize partnerships.  Still, what really differentiates us is that our culture is to SERVE. 

Our Vision is to empower every business on the planet to successfully transform at maximum velocity.  So many companies do not know where to start.  We have the experts to help them cut through the noise to land on a plan.  Other companies do not know how to move their business forward.  We help.  Other companies struggle with building the modern, [sometimes] cloud-born applications that will propel their business forward. We build those apps.  Some companies have their apps figured out, but they struggle with having someone take accountability for the end-to-end outcomes of the application, including the “last mile”, so we do that.

Obviously, to achieve our Vision to empower every business on the planet, we must scale.  Thankfully, we built and ran some of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures, so we are able.  Soon, our customers will start to see us bring our scenario capabilities to a pure SaaS model one by one.  We will never stop.  As we progress a scenario from consulting to software+humans to pure SaaS, we will iterate.  And once a particular scenario reaches the SaaS delivery channel, we will continue to evolve that scenario forever.  We will always provide more value on day N than we do on day 1.  No exceptions.

Our Mission is to modernize our client's full IT portfolio through technology and human accountability.  One of our core values is extreme accountability.  We will take accountability for the entire portfolio by taking accountability for all of the applications in the portfolio one-by-one.  Or, we will take accountability for a piece of one application that is a tiny fraction of the portfolio.  For example, we are happy to take accountability for the entire new ERP platform (including writing the platform), and we are happy to just take accountability for the end-to-end monitoring outcomes.  We always try to meet the exact customer need to fill any gaps rather than trying to sell a square peg for a round hole.  Our people, our approach and our platform all allow that flexibility.  In the end, we are accountable.

Even before accountability though, our culture is to SERVE.  Our values are the following:

  • Servant Leadership—We are here to serve our customers.  We are not here to sell.  If we can provide value, we will.  If we cannot, we will recommend another partner.
  • Extreme Accountability—We do what we say we will do—no matter what.
  • Results Driven—The only thing that matters to your business is the outcome, so the only thing that matters to us is the outcome.  We often say “we do not sell software, we sell outcomes.”
  • Velocity—If business outcomes are the only things that matter, then the speed of achieving those outcomes is a critical focus for every customer. CloudFit Software is so focused on helping our customers achieve velocity, our software platform has the internal codename “Velocity”; it is publicly known as “CloudFit Software” or “CFS”.
  • Empowerment—Our entire existence is about enabling our customers.  We are happy to do it all for them, we are happy to just plug gaps for them, and we are happy to just teach/consult/coach them on how to do it themselves.  We meet our customers where they are in order to empower them to be successful. 

In the spirit of our goal to SERVE, we thought it would be a good step to tell the world publicly what we stand for.  We know that imitators will enter the industry—they are already showing up.  Imitation is flattering, and we welcome it.  We even welcome it when these huge partners approach us to white-label our services under them to help their customers.  There are an infinite number of customer+application combinations today and tomorrow, and we aim to serve them all.  So come one, come all.  We are here to help.

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