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5 UX Principles to Better Serve your Users

1. Step into their world.

On the quest to design elegant and efficient software we need to seek to understand our users before being understood. People own what they help create so involving users early is an important move. Through excellent user research, we can provide software solutions that match user needs instead of designing based purely on assumptions. The best way to do this is by getting out of the office and stepping into your user’s world. Quality user interviews will save you lots of headaches in the long run.

2. Rapid Prototyping

After discovering user needs we want to get a prototype into their hands as quick as possible to continue the discovery process. With prototyping tools available all over the web, you can bring a concept to reality with 0 code involved. Entire application prototypes can be built overnight saving time and money. Use effective and fast sprints to get screens in front of your users, even if it’s a hand-drawn piece of paper. 

3. Every Pixel Matters

Attention to detail in UX design allows users to clearly see the information they want to access and interact with it. Lots of padding between content and strategized placement of elements can provide a smooth user flow. Easily visible touch points allow users to navigate your application without getting frustrated. When designers get lazy on pixel placement it can be a downward spiral which leads to poorly designed applications.

4. Interesting Interactions

Rewarding users for tasks completed allows users to enjoy your applications at a whole new level. Whether it’s a green checkmark when something is complete or a slight micro interaction while pressing a button. Who says you can’t accomplish your tasks and have fun at the same time? Implementing these fun interactions will keep your users coming back.

5. Stay away from the dark side

Auto-playing overwhelming content, excessive pop-ups, and aggressive conversion rate tactics do nothing but frustrate users. Focus on serving your users and your business goals will come naturally as users interact with your products. Instead of auto-playing overwhelming content, let users choose when they want to interact with your content. Instead of popping up promotions on every page of your site, strategize on how to engage your users within page content. Instead of prioritizing conversion rates through excessive chat bot windows, minimally display it as a help to users.

Do you have a few UX principles you have seen be effective? Do you need some UX design help with your current applications or have an idea for a new one? Feel free to drop us a line at 

By Brandon Camerer, Sr. UX Designer, CloudFit Software 

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