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CloudFit's David Garza featured in Lynchburg Business Magazine

Bio: David is the director of product engineering for CloudFit Software. He leads the development of CloudFit Software's Velocity platform that underpins the company's managed services business and serves customers around the world - such as Microsoft Corporation. David frequently interacts with senior IT leadership at Fortune 500 companies as well as leads a high-performing software engineering team whose product is changing the way IT operations are done in the industry. 

So far in my career, I am most proud of... helping my community's youth explore a future career in IT through year-round software engineering internships where we explore and solve real-world problems using technology. 

Over the next five years... I will build CloudFit's Velocity platform to scale to new horizons with the goal of simplifying IT operations for businesses of all sizes. In parallel, I will model a legacy of servant leadership by teaching my children about IT and its wide-reaching impact. 

The best piece of advice I have ever received is... we respond to our blessings of success or failures by simply exercising our God-given gifts as an act of worship when we labor for the love of Christ.

Something not many people know about me is that... my jam, the one I belt out while driving, is "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey/ Gets me every time!


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