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Employee Spotlight – Meet Matt Loflin

Behind every great employee is a great mentor – someone who genuinely invests in their team, elicits their greatest potential, and instills honor and respect. We are grateful to have servant leaders like Matt Loflin who consistently demonstrate our core values and uphold the bedrock of our business.

What does your career background look like? 
For as long as I remember I’ve had a desire to work. That work has typically revolved around technology in some fashion. During Middle School/High School I started a company called “Alpha Tech” which was my way to do computer work for my church and family friends. At 14, I was working hourly for a family friend’s car lot. Then during college, I worked part time as an Inventory/IT manager for a manufacturing company. Out of college, I started as a programmer in a Software Quality Assurance role. That then shifted into a Project/Program Manager position within that company. From there, I took on a Technical Program Management role with a large tech company which gave me exposure to a variety of Software Development, Cloud Technology, and People Management opportunities. From 2019 forward I’ve been at CloudFit!

Tell us about your role at CloudFit and give us a snapshot of your day-to-day. 
I lead a multi-disciplinary team focused on “running every mission critical workload on the planet”. My day consists of morning prayer & study time, usually followed by a 30min drive into the office often spent thinking through things. I then jump headfirst into a variety of meetings and time blocks that include anything from 1v1’s with teammates, interviews, business strategy, community involvement, whiteboard sessions, to project updates & ongoing alignment of team members. I try to head out about 4:30 to get back home in time for dinner, sports with the kids, or community group with church.

What’s the best thing about your job?
No doubt, the people. It’s not always “fun” but when you get to see people achieve, take care of their colleagues, be passionate about something, deliver complex items for customers, and give back to the community – it makes it all worth it.

What would you say is CloudFit’s biggest strength? 
Not trying to be redundant, but the people are CloudFit’s biggest strength. I’ve had people in interviews circle back and ask “why is everyone so nice?”, I’ve had new team members show up on Day 1 and be met randomly in the parking lot by fellow teammates to help with their items, and I’ve even sat in meetings where city officials are discussing CloudFit’s team members making a difference in the community through how they give back. Hiring awesome people who genuinely care about their customers and each other goes a long way in fulfilling our mission of supporting customers and our local communities.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at CloudFit? 
Oh man… picking just one is difficult. In general, seeing people realize their potential. Whether that’s interns, new hires, engineers, leads… whoever – breaking through on a given topic, idea, or delivery item… there is something special about being a small part of that. I’m regularly proud of the teams and team members and what they’re pushing for and able to accomplish when they come together. It’s like when a soccer game is nil-nil and then in the last seconds of added time someone scores – you’re proud of that one person but you’re also very proud of everyone else on the team for playing as a team and getting to that point together.

What inspires you? 
Seeing people give back, pursue their passions, being selfless, and serving others regularly gives me chills. For a while now I’ve been inspired by the quote “A society grows great when old men [and women] plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”. The selflessness that this quote is implying is something I reflect on quite a bit.

What are some principles that you live by? 
My life should be about more than just me. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. Let your Yes be Yes, and No be No. 

You manage a team at CloudFit. What advice do you often give them to help them succeed in their role?

  • Assume positive intent from the people you’re interacting with.
  • Let your work speak for itself.
  • Build genuine relationships and be willing to help each other.
  • It’s OK to make mistakes if you’re really trying, learning, & pushing.
  • No one is perfect, give each other some grace.  

What do you like to do when you’re not at the office? 
I enjoy growing my relationship with Jesus and studying the Bible. Dating my wife of 11 years is something I hold tight to and look forward to time with her. Having a newborn, a 4-year-old, and a 5 year old helps me to really appreciate sleep… but also, I try to cherish the time I get to spend with each of them while I have it. Then… when time warrants, I enjoy time with close friends & family, woodworking, yardwork, and some travel.

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