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CloudFit Software Recognized as One of the Top Virginia Employers for Interns in 2024

LYNCHBURG, Virginia, United States — April 18, 2024 — We are thrilled to announce that we have been named one of the 136 recipients of the 2024 Top Virginia Employers for Interns Awards by the Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership (V-TOP). This prestigious annual award celebrates Virginia employers who provide high-quality internships to students, and we are honored to be among the recognized organizations.

At CloudFit, we understand the importance of offering meaningful internship experiences that not only benefit students and career changers, but also contribute to the growth of our workforce and community in Lynchburg. Through our innovative program, we provide an immersive opportunity for learning, growth, and the development of valuable skills.

From Intern to Full-Time Employee

The impact of our internship program extends beyond the duration of the internship itself. A number of our current employees were once interns who participated in our program and later transitioned to full-time roles within CloudFit. These individuals have gone on to make significant contributions to our team, bringing fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and valuable skills acquired during their internships.

Here are some testimonials from our current employees reflecting on their internship experience.

Chris Cockes, Service Engineer – “During my Capstone project, I learned how to work as a team to complete a real-world project. Members of our team took turns being the project manager, so we got a lot of leadership experience. We learned how to interact with clients, how to use different technologies, and learned C#. Overall, my experience was extremely positive, our stakeholder was patient, kind, and guided us in the right direction while still being hands off so we learned on our own.”

Chris Deaton, Software Development Engineer – “I was a career changer coming in from a dramatically different world than tech. JobFit gave me not only the opportunity, but the knowledge and skills to successfully break into the world of software engineering. In my internship, I was surrounded by encouraging and challenging individuals who took personal stake in seeing me grow into a fellow contributor. It was evident that I wasn’t merely a project but a person. Now, as a full-time employee for CloudFit and coach for JobFit, I enjoy having the same wonderful opportunity to give assistance and training to others in the same way I was given.”

Dakota Clark, Command & Control Engineer – “My time at CloudFit has been rather pleasant! The insight I got from taking part in the vulnerability scanning, scripting, and cybersecurity incident response processes will be integral in the future. The amount of focus placed on teamwork, communication, and inclusivity was not something I was expecting from an IT-related organization. Company culture wasn't the only great aspect, I hope I can maintain connections with the fellow interns and employees for years to come.”

Jimmy Davila, Service Manager – “I just want to say working as an intern at CloudFit has to have been the greatest experience in my career. Getting to know a plethora of knowledgeable individuals in this career field has given me a leg up on my road to success. The projects they put us on give us real-world experience, which gives us a giant boost in our careers. I would love to work for CloudFit someday not only because of the experiences but because the environment here has been exquisite.”

Laurel Melton, Personal Trainer – “I came into the internship at CloudFit from a career in Public Health with a limited background in technology, yet a desire to make a career change and break into the tech space. During my time as an intern, I gained priceless hands-on experience and exposure to IT in a way that ignited a new passion. I received support, mentoring, and encouragement from employees and fellow interns that was crucial in my development - my time here was a major turning point for my career, and I couldn't be more grateful to have been given this opportunity. As a full-time employee for CloudFit, the support I received as an intern has continued and I feel like a valued, appreciated member of a team.”

As we reflect on this achievement, we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional internship opportunities and making a positive impact on the lives of students and the future of our workforce. We're grateful for the partnership with JobFit and the outstanding efforts of our team members, both of which significantly contribute to the program's success.

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About CloudFit Software:
CloudFit Software, Inc was founded in March of 2018 and merged with Composable Systems, LLC in August of 2018 to form CloudFit Software, LLC. CloudFit is now leading the market in “Managed Scenarios” for cloud across Fortune 500, DoD and Regulated Industries. While CloudFit primarily exists to implement, manage and secure critical services and applications to the cloud, it has a great mission with its charities: KidFit — uses athletics as a conduit to provide mentorship and opportunities for all kids regardless of their ability to play and JobFit — lowers barriers for high school and college students to achieve great IT careers.

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